Welcome to my website. I am an artist who works in egg tempera and have been doing so for around seven years. I first learned by about this medium when I was a student at Morley College in Lambeth, London. The area around Waterloo was rather run down, and so was I, but because I went everywhere by bicycle, I experienced the area at ground level, and could still detect the influence of William Blake in the way we were being taught, and the sense of craftsmanship in many of the old buildings around there, not to mention the river Thames, which was a huge influence on my work at the time. Now I live in Somerset and I am influenced by the wide open spaces and the strange, almost random hills, and the gentleness of the landscape and the people. Egg tempera seems to suit Somerset - yet I believe I retain a piece of every place I have lived or visited, and this is what I hope to express in my work.